Lucinda! I just finished reading your book two nights ago. As much as I wanted to read it in one gulp, I also wanted to savor it- so deeply honest, vulnerable, real, poignant…you take us right there with you, and teach us to have self compassion and kindness when looking straight in the face of our greatest fears. Thank you Lucinda and Theo, and Congratulations for this precious offering to the world. Now that I have finished it, no other book grabs my attention…passing it along…such an important read…

Maria Mazhary

Five Hours is an amazing tribute to Theo. I read the entire book on New Year’s Day and am filled with deep gratitude to Cinda for her candor about becoming Theo’s mom. The perspectives she gained and shared are extraordinary and inspirational. She’s an outstanding writer and a beautiful, loving mother.

Elizabeth Kernan

Lucinda Macrory Weatherby this is absolutely beautiful. You are so honest in sharing your experience of life, of motherhood that I find myself thinking “I have felt that, but she is courageous enough to share it with all of the world.” I love it! Just beautiful.

Amanda Kernan

It was amazing. So powerful. I don’t know Lucinda but I am very grateful that she wrote it. The only problem was that I started it at work on break and could not put it down, so I ended up having to close the door to my office and read it straight through, plus I was crying most of the time so had to wash my face after I finished it before my next meeting. But that was two days ago and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

Sarah L.

I love that picture so much of Dix and Theo that I couldnt wait till the book comes out in England and got it on kindle. Beautifully written and I’m getting it for friends whose babies barely lived, albeit nearly 50 years ago. Those hours must be with them for ever as with you. Wept buckets and felt I knew so little of what you went through- only imagined it. So glad that you and Dicken are now both happy.

Virginia Armstrong

This is an extraordinarily moving and heartfelt story, and beautifully told. Lucinda has always written with great clarity and extreme honesty, and here she surpasses herself. I defy you to read her account of the pain that she suffered without being moved to tears. But as you learn how she was able to turn this heartrending experience into an opportunity for great spiritual growth, I think you will also be moved to joy. Please read this book.

Patrick Macrory

Let me just say that this is not just a woman’s book. It’s for every father, son or husband who has been bewildered when their daughter, wife or mother experiences the sort of deep reproductive grief that Lucinda went through. Every man who has read this book seems to come away saying, “Oh, now I get it.” So I hope that we get just as many men as women, if not more, reading this book.

Mark Moeglein

Your book. It just broke me open. You are a masterful writer. And I experienced it as a masterpiece! I don’t know how to put into words all that I felt, but I just hope you are writing every day.

Catherine R.