Lucinda and her book Five Hours: How My Son’s Brief Life Changed Everything were featured on the January 27, 2016 episode of the Good Grief with Cheryl Jones radio show.

From the show description:
How would we cope if our brand new baby could not live beyond a few hours? Most of us cannot imagine that experience but, for others, it is a reality. Beyond a crushing grief and sense that this should not have happened, there is the unfolding of days, learning to live with what seems unbearable. And then, perhaps, something begins to unfold that changes our lives. The impact of a life, no matter how short, cannot be underestimated. Lucinda Weatherby puts it this way in the subtitle of her book, Five Hours: How My Son’s Brief Life Changed Everything. Join us to explore how this came about and what her life turned toward after this most terrible loss.

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